Mango - 63 kcal in 100g
    Mango - 63 kcal in 100g

French Onionsoup

Frensh onion soup is one of my favorites.   It makes some gas in your stomack yes, and so what.

I tasted onion soup for the first time many years ago some place in Denmark, at a private dinner party. Well I did not think it was something speciel – before I tasted it some time in the late eighties in Strassbourg in France were I was working in the Europeen Parlament as a reporter. Huha that onion soup was an eye opener. And from that on it has been one of my favorit dishes.

The soup had to have this sweet tast and the cheestopping on the toasted bread has to be not very strong.

Recipe (2 person)


  • 4 onions middle size
  • oil
  • water
  • white wine
  • 1/2 vegetables magi
  • Bread
  • chees
  • herb

Slide onions in thin…………

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