Watermelon - 23 kcal in 100g
    Watermelon - 23 kcal in 100g


Omelette is a easy and nice dish to make on a day where you are busy and would like a light easy to make meal.
You can make omelette with everything from meat to vegetables. Its fresch, it easy and it tast good and eeg is very healthy. Combine with fresh vegetables it’s a meal that make you happy.

You can make omelette with everything from meat to vegetables.

Recipe (2 person)


  • 4 eegs
  • water or milk
  • 1 onion
  • 6-8 moshroms (middle size)
  • 1 red peper
  • 1 carrot large ( or 2 small)
  • salat
  • poppy seed
  • oil

Start by blending the eeg with water or milk. Now add the eeg and water/mich to a hot pan med a little oil in it. When the egg begin to boble reduce the heat to half and continue to cook.

While the egg still cooking –

Slice the onion and fry on a hot pan in oil.

Add sliced moshroms and fry ontil the onion and moshroms are light brown then add sliced red peper and sliced salt and cook for 1/2 minuttes more.

Add to omelette one half and cook omelette to finish.

When done, serve omelette on a dish by letting the omelette slpi from pan to dish and turning emty half part on top of omelette

Serve with fresh sliced carrots.

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