Apple - 50 kcal in 100g
    Apple - 50 kcal in 100g

In english please

Welcome to The Cooking Affair.

My name is Carsten Wang Jorgensen and I am the editor and creator of this blog.

For many years I have been a journalist and editor on newspaper, televison and radio living in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen with all its  offer in culture, intertainment, fast life and wast. I did find back in the countryside to live a more easy and simple life in more harmoni with the natur. And here – still working with the media, now specializing in the social media – this blog was born.

The recipe archive is not a complete archive on recipes, but very good recipes from me and my familie and friends. We have tested the recipes and have found them good enough to share with you.

The Cooking Affair would also like to share with you some of our attitudes about quality, the good food and the good life.

Preparing food to a meal is like sex – as more you exert your self as more you will get out of it.

food takes up so much in our lives so why not make something out of it.

The debate on The Cooking Affair will also concist of how to grow your own herbs and vegetables in your garden and in a window. How to use every thing to the limit witout throwing away any food left over.

Can we do that – yes we can.

Less is more – that’s why.

Star to grow your own herbs and vegatables. Make your own anymal garden or buy high quality meat from a farm not chip low quality meat from the supermarked. Buy less, eat less meat and you will tast the difference.

Start to think in this way: Do I have to buy this or can I make it my self?

Do you buy your mayonaise?

do you buy your bread?

Do you buy your herb and vegetables?


And if you have to buy it – do you buy the best of quality?

We will develope garden tips and hunting stories to – and small talk about life and how to make the best out of it.

I’m sorry, but so fare everything is written in Danish language – course lack of time mostly. We are working on an english version, but ontil then – please use the google translate to translate the blog. Eventhough the translation in this way not will be best of quality.

choose your language at the frontpage and in the subpage and the webpage willcontinue to translate in to your language.

Please use and comment on everything here on The Cooking Affair.

Thank you.

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